1st International Workshop of the Spanish network on mycotoxins, toxigenic fungi and their decontamination processes & MycoTWIN Workshops 5-6 «Innovative strategies for the analysis of the mycotoxins in food and feed» and «Technological approaches for the management of mycotoxins in industry»

Valencia, 28- 30 of June 2023


Giuseppina Avantaggiato
National Research Council, Institute of Food Production Sciences, Bari, Italy

Siska Croubels
Ghent University, Belgium

Chiara Dall’Asta
University of Parma, Italy

Simon G Edwards
Harper Adams University, England

Isabelle Oswald
National Institute of Agronomic Research, Toulouse, France

Alessandra Villani
National Research Council, Institute of Food Production Sciences, Bari, Italy

Sarah de Saeger
Ghent University, Belgium

Armando Venâncio
University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
Organized & Coordinated by

MICOFOOD project

The objective of the network of excellence is to deepen risk assessment, improve quality and food safety, and ultimately protect and promote the health of the population, focusing on the study of different aspects related to toxigenic fungi and their mycotoxin metabolites (MTs). It aims to deepen the relationship between researchers, the food industry and the health administration in order to address and, as far as possible, minimize the problems caused by the presence of toxigenic fungi in food, as well as to promote the implementation and actions of management measures. of the quality.

MYCOTWIN project

The EU-funded MycoTWIN project will bring together the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), the National Research Council of Italy and the University of Valencia of Spain. The goal is to strengthen effective and sustainable mycotoxin management for minimising contamination in crops by exchange of knowledge and new pre- and post-harvest measures. The project will support the entire value chain, from the planning of the cropping system to crop cultivation, harvest, storage, transport, processing and consumption.

Collaborators and Sponsors

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